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Perhaps the most important question anyone can ever ask is, "Does God Exist?" It's important because we build our lives on what we believe is the answer to that question. It's the basis of our worldview, our moral framework, and our purpose.

John N. Clayton was an atheist. Since he did not believe in God, his moral framework and purpose in life were based on his secular worldview. If there is no God, there is no absolute standard of morality. If there is no God, there is no real purpose in life. The individual becomes his own god and decides what is right and wrong. His purpose becomes self-serving. "What’s in it for me?" becomes the most important question.

John studied science and made his career as a science teacher in the ares of physics, chemistry, and earth science. It was his study of science that lead him out of atheism. He became a firm believer in God because of the design revealed in the universe. John has devoted many years to writing and giving lectures on the evidences for the existence of God. The program is called Does God Exist?

Since the 1970's In the bi-monthly newsletter of Does God Exist? John has published descriptions of many Dandy Designs in the world around us. Beginning in 1984 these Dandy Designs were compiled into a series of books with that same title. There are now 5 books in the series. Dandydesigns.org seeks to make available on line what John calls the Dandy Designs.


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