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Magnificent Microbes
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Here is something you can't see, but couldn't live without.


We usually think of microbes as "germs," agents of infectious disease. However, 99.99% of all microbes are very healthful and helpful to man. In fact, we could not survive without them. There are more microbes living on your body than there are people in the whole world!

Microbes do some fantastic things. They produce cheese, raw protein, alcohol, antibiotics, vitamins, 20% of all prescription drugs, penicillin, citric acid, acetone, leached metals, fabrics, and a variety of food substitutes. They even have the ability to break down wastes to keep our world clean.

Before man or any animal form of life could live on the Earth, there had to be a full complement of the right kinds of microbes. An intricate system of checks and balances had to exist for things to stay in a favorable condition. Man has paid a price for upsetting the balance of the microbe world, but microbes still remain among our best friends. They feed us, clean up after us, protect us, and even fight the diseases some of their cousins cause.

They also show us the wisdom and intelligence of the Creator of both microbes and man.


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