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Why don't evergreen trees loose their leaves?


Have you ever wondered why evergreen trees are green all year? This whole business of trees surviving in the winter is a demonstration of God's planning and design. Trying to invent a chance or accidental hypothesis to explain the characteristics of trees which enable them to survive at all, will blow the mind of any searching scientist.

For the evergreen trees, water retention is the key to being green year round. The needles are coated with a waxy material that acts as a water barrier and the tubular-shaped leaves help to reduce water loss.  A substance in the sap acts as antifreeze and the water makes the leaves able to carry on photosynthesis even in the cold temperatures.

The extra water in the leaves of a pine tree along with the antifreeze component are very delicately balanced so that the tree can live in cold or hot climates. We don’t think this was an accident.



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