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Walking on Water and Making Waves
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Walking on water may mean more than just getting to the other side.


Dr. R. Simson Wilcox was sitting by a pond and noticed a water strider on the surface. Coming from the strider were concentric ripples or waves which spread out across the pond. Female and male striders reacted differently to these waves, and it soon became obvious to Wilcox that the striders were deliberately sending out signals by the kind and variety of waves generated.

Wilcox glued tiny magnets to the female striders' legs and caused them to send out waves that he controlled. If he put in the "female waves," males were attracted to the females. If he put in "male waves," males avoided the females. Obviously, a wave transmission system has been designed to allow the striders to locate one another in ponds and lakes. We suggest this is another example of God's creative wisdom.


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