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Let us pause for a few moments of silence.


There are many things about bees that reflect a wisdom of design far beyond what chance can explain. One area of marvelous design is reflected in the roles of the various bees.

According to a study by Cornell University entomologist Karl Visscher, one to two percent of the population of a bee hive is devoted solely to the job of removing dead bees from the hive. These undertaker bees remove any bee that dies in the hive to a distance up to 400 feet away. To prove that the bees are truly selectively removing dead bees and not just “taking out the trash,” Visscher deposited freshly killed bees and balsa wood models that resembled dead bees into a hive. Within an average of seven minutes, the dead bees were removed from the hive, but it took more than seven hours for the model bees to be removed.

The wisdom of not allowing the dead bees to remain in the hive is obvious. By removing them, the diseases from which they might be dying are also removed from the other bees. Left to rot, the dead bees could draw undesirable scavengers and fungus that could threaten the hive.

Such highly complex and specialized functions are not explainable by chance. The design in the bee hive speaks eloquently of the Designer.



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