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Armadillo's Delayed Birth
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What was that due-date again?


Researchers working at a university in Florida were shocked when a female armadillo that had been in captivity for two years suddenly gave birth. Since the normal gestation period for armadillos is eight to nine months, the workers were wondering, “How did this happen?” Someone suggested that the males had been sneaking into the compound, but there was no indication that any male armadillo could have crossed the fences and other barriers to get into the facility. Further investigation revealed that armadillos are able to delay the bearing of an offspring if they are under stress and if it is not be a good time for the offspring to be born.

In a situation of stress, hormones are triggered in the armadillo which prevent the embryo from implanting in the uterine wall. The result is that the embryo remains in limbo and does not develop. The embryo can remain in this dormant condition for up to two years. Finally, when the embryo implants, the normal development takes place and the baby armadillo is born.

The complexities built into living things give us insight into the amazing design of life. The armadillo, considered to be one of the most primitive of mammals, clearly speaks of the wisdom and design of the Creator



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