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Bones are strong, yet light ... and they are alive!


Have you ever thought about the incredible design that is built into every bone in your body? No chemist or engineer has ever been able to develop a material as well-suited for the body's needs as bone. The arrangement of bone cells forms the lightest structure made of the least material to support the body's weight. Our bones make up only 1/5 of our body weight yet they support the entire structure.

As we grow, our bones grow with us. Inside our bones is a red blood cell factory which manufactures a trillion new blood cells per day. No material known to man can replace bones. Wood could not stand the compressive forces bone must take. Steel is too heavy being three times the weight of bone. Aluminum isn't strong enough to stand the flexing stress put on the bones.

The average human walks 65,000 miles in his lifetime--more than 2 times around the world. A soccer player subjects the 26 bones in his feet to a cumulative force of over 1,000 tons per foot. Our bones allow us to be what we are. Without bones we would scrunch along like a worm. Our freedom of movement and ability to function, and to manipulate our environment is all due to the marvelous frame into which our bodies are built.


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