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Incredible Skin
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It's the organ that covers your body.


Have you ever considered what an incredible thing your skin is? A farmer's hands can be like sandpaper, but his abdomen will be made of pliable white folds. The calves of your legs have skin bonded tightly to a muscle layer. The skin on your elbow is like the neck of a cat -- able to be lifted loosely in rolls. If one were to take a microscope and examine the skin of our scalp, lip, heel, stomach and finger, it would appear that different species were being examined.

Your skin weighs only about nine pounds. There is no organ like it. It flexes, folds, crinkles around joints and regenerates itself if it is damaged. When we blush, the vessels which supply blood to the skin suddenly rush 50 times more blood than usual. Our skin shows our emotions, cools us, protects us, beautifies us, insulates us and serves as a receptor for all kinds of stimuli.

The next time you cut off the hair rising through your skin or add some substance to soften and beautify your skin remember what a fantastic substance it is.  You’re skin is made for all kinds of purposes with various textures -- soft, gentle, hard and tough. What an incredible design!


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