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There are few things more pleasing than stepping into a gallery to enjoy the work of a skillful artist craftsman. Welcome to our gallery of God’s handiwork.

The universe is full of Dandy Designs. Dandy is a word which means "excellent" or "first rate." Design means to plan and carry out a project in an artistic or skillful way.

Design demands a Designer. Dandy Designs are things which we believe could not happen by mere chance. It is our mission to step back and look at those artistic and skillful projects and admire the excellent work of the First-Rate Designer of the Universe.

Amazing Bones

Antibiotic Tongue

Armadillo's Delayed Birth

Bear Kidneys

Beauty of Wood

Beaver Home Heating System

Benefits of Lightning

Can Bumblebees Fly?

Coral Reproduction

Crocodilian Bumps

Dromedary Camels

Duck Feet

Dung Beetle

Engineering a Tooth

Essential Invisible Organisms

Feather Mites and Molting Feathers

Flying Maple Seeds

Fruit Tree Weather Monitors

Giraffe’s Fluid Column Pressure System

Green Turtle Migration

Hearing Without Being Heard

Hippo Sunscreen

How Birds Find Food in Winter

How Birds Keep from Freezing

How Trees Avoid Freeze Damage

Hummingbird’s Energy

Incredible Skin

Incredible Pine Cones

Incredible Human Body

Infrared Squirrel Tails

Kidneys: The Filter Supreme

Magnificent Microbes

Marvelous Evergreen Trees

Natural Sweetener that’s Sweeter than Sugar

Nature's Woodworker

Noisy Periodic Cicadas

Odd But Not Ugly Opossum

Our Extraordinary Atmosphere

Saguaro: The Old-Timer of the Desert

Shark Skin Turbulence Reduction

Sleeping Ducks

Smart Eggs

Snake Digestion

Some Plants Eat Bugs

Spider Web Strength

Squirrely Memory

Sunflower's Hydraulic Design

Those "Pesky" Flies

Transparent Corneas

Undertaker Bees

"Useless" Horseshoe Crabs

Walking on Water and Making Waves

Wasp Wing Vortex

What Good is a Sponge?

Why We See Through Glass and Not Wood


Dandy Designs Volume 4
Dandy Designs Volume 4


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